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From gentlemanly, relaxed origins the game of cricket has evolved in the last generation to what now is a fierce game of split second timing and agility: an intricate balance of technique, power and timing.

The numbers of matches played, the level and intensity of training required to stay consistently at the top of your game and the rapid scientification of cricket at all levels contribute to what is a radically changed game for players, parents, schools, administrators and sponsors.

What drives usYet the equipment seems from yesteryear. Old pads have not changed for many decades, yet the game has changed, adapted and morphed into one of the big global sports.

Like all other sports, small differences in performance can change the outcome of a game or a series.

It was only a matter of time before the cricket pros of the world would demand to join most other sports and use today's technologies, materials and design approaches to make equipment for them that meets and enhances their performance and enjoyment. Aero is about understanding and designing protection equipment that enables better sports performance.

With the unique skills, insights and confidence as leaders in protective equipment, we have designed revolutionary new gear which performs at the highest levels and increases enjoyment for cricketers of all ages.